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Product Description

Product Description


Description of the Shaft Lean Alignment System by Straightline Golf

The patented Shaft Lean Alignment System (SLAS) by Straightline Golf LLC is a golf swing training aid (alignment system). It helps golfers of all ages to have the correct and consistent setup at address. This visual aid alignment system consists of decals attached to your club shaft. It enables you to see different degrees of shaft lean on the club at address and the correct face alignment to compress the golf ball at impact. The SLAS allows you to preset your preferred shaft lean angle on any club shaft for great repeatable shots, helping you to improve distance and accuracy.

The Straightline Shaft Lean Alignment System is permitted under the Rules of Golf, and you can use it to practice or play in an official golf game. We make our SLAS decals in the USA of high-quality U.V. protected material that is waterproof. You can attach the decals to any golf club and once applied, the SLAS decals stay on your club year-round. The decal colors are bright and clearly visible, and simple to use by golfers of all ages and skill levels. The Straightline Shaft Lean Alignment System is ideal for both left and right-handed golfers.

As discussed, it is essential to have the proper shaft lean click here, and the SLAS of Straightline Golf LLC takes the guesswork out of shaft lean setup at address. The most relevant definitions pertinent to our SLAS, especially for novice golfers, are also provided on the Shaft Lean page.

What are the Components of the Straightline Golf SLAS?

The Straightline Shaft Lean Alignment System is a decal system with 4 different alignment aids (components):

  1. Shaft Lean Decal (A) shows the degrees of shaft lean (Forward, Neutral, or Backward).
  2. Preferred Angle Decal (B) shows your preferred shaft lean angle selected for every club.
  3. Shaft Center Decal (C) shows the neutral loft position.
  4. Club Face Decal (D) shows the club face alignment angle (Open Face, Square to Impact, or Closed Face).

To Use: Apply the decals as described above.  Look down the redline line of the Shaft Center Decal (C). This is the neutral loft position. Lean you grip left or right to choose your degree of shaft lean using the Shaft Lean Decal (A). Once you have selected your preferred shaft lean angle, place the Preferred Angle Decal (B) over your preferred shaft lean angle on the Shaft Lean Decal (A). This allows you to view a single red line as a quick reference for shaft lean.

The Club Face Decal (D) at the end of the shaft also ensures that you are positioned square to the clubface. When your club is square to face, you will be able to see the center red line with the two white lines equally on both sides of the red center line.

The SLAS of Straightline Golf LLC allows you to use the alignment aids (decals) separately or in any combination, based on your preferences. Click here for more detailed instructions how to apply the decals.

How does the Straightline Golf SLAS Help You?

One thing that is challenging about this great game is clearing your mind of clutter and focus only on the important elements of the golf swing that highly impact your performance. If you aren’t careful, you may think about your grip, stance, swing plane, swing path, club face angle, wrist set, shoulder turn, hip rotation, and more – all during the same swing! Overburdening your mind with mechanical thoughts is not an effective way to play golf.

The Straightline Shaft Lean Alignment System helps to have a consistent setup by quickly viewing the alignment aid for shaft lean needed to make a perfect golf shot. It provides golfers the right angle as they attack and hit the golf ball. Whether a full swing, putting, or chipping, our SLAS greatly influences your entire performance.  However, it is critical that you setup properly (ball, feet & club) to achieve the correct address position for the specific club (neutral loft position) when you attach the decals and use the Shaft Lean Alignment System.

Watch the video on how easy Alex Brickley, a PGA Teaching Professional, found it to use our Shaft Lean Alignment System. As golf instructor, Alex also uses the shaft lean alignment aid by Straightline Golf LLC to help his students with their shaft lean at address and, more importantly, at impact.

The Shaft Lean Alignment System of Straightline Golf LLC enables you to:

  • See your preferred shaft lean angle at address for any golf club.
  • It improves your swing plane, clubface alignment and follow through.
  • Strike down (or up) on the ball to give you height and distance.
  • Get backspin on the ball to control the roll on the green.
  • Improve the distance and accuracy of your golf strokes.
  • Prevent flipping your wrist by having correct shaft alignment at impact.
  • Help prevent slices and fat shots.
  • Help with lag angle (angle between the club, wrists, and arms) and muscle memory.


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