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Breakthrough in Shaft Lean Alignment

Straightline Golf LLC is proud to announce that we will exhibiting our breakthrough Shaft Lean Alignment Aid System, that is Permitted Under the Rules of Golf, at the 2023 Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) show in Orlando, Florida between January 25 to 27, 2023.

Without a doubt, the correct golf swing is truly hard to master. Proper shaft lean at impact is key to play the perfect golf shot.

Unquestionably, shaft lean at address affects your golfing performance and handicap.
Our breakthrough Shaft Lean Alignment System simplifies consistent shaft lean at impact for great repeatable shots with every club. This visual aid golf swing training system uses decals that you attach to any club shaft to set your preferred shaft lean angle. The decals are easy to apply and use, taking you one step closer to achieving consistent shaft lean perfection.

There is nothing like our product on the market today and it guarantees a consistent shaft lean when setup correctly. Take your golf game to the next level with our shaft lean alignment system that is Permitted Under the Rules of Golf. Click on image to right for a larger view of decal placement options on different clubs. 


James H. Carroll started inventing things at a remarkably young age and feels blessed with an ability and imagination to visualize and create useful products. Over the years, Jim has been granted several successful patents. He founded Straightline Golf LLC to share his shaft lean alignment invention with those that wish to excel in golf.

Jim is designing your next favorite golf product today. He hopes his inventions will help golfers of all ages to mastering and more enjoying the game of golf. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

About Straightline Golf LLC

Straightline Golf LLC is a locally owned and operated small business in Lancaster, OH that is focusing on creating high-quality innovative aids for golfers of all ages to help them master the game of golf. Our products help you improve golf skill level, lower your handicap, and making playing golf a more enjoyable experience.

Our patented Shaft Lean Alignment System is ultraviolet protected, waterproof, and proudly made in the USA. It is permitted under the Rules of Golf, and you can use it to practice or play in an official golf game. Our customers come first, and we greatly appreciate you contacting us sharing your opinions, comments, or suggestions about our products.


Shows the neutral loft position when setup properly for the specific club.


Shows the degrees of shaft lean (Forward, Neutral, or Backward)

Preferred Angle Decal

Shows your preferred shaft lean angle selected for every club.


Shows the club face alignment angle (Open Face, Square to Impact, or Closed Face).

Ultimate Experience

It is important to focus only on the critical elements of the golf swing that greatly affect your performance. The Staightline Shaft Lean Alignment System is an easy way to have the consistent shaft lean setup required to make a great golf shot every time. It enables you to:

  • See your preferred shaft lean angle at address for any golf club.
  • It improves your swing plane, clubface alignment and follow through.
  • Strike down (or up) on the ball to give you height and distance.
  • Get backspin on the ball to control the roll on the green.
  • Improve the distance and accuracy of your golf strokes.
  • Prevent flipping your wrist by having the correct shaft alignment at impact.
  • Help prevent slices and fat shots.
  • Help with lag angle and muscle memory.


When I was introduced to the Shaft Lean Alignment Aid, I was amazed how easy it was for myself and students to use this aid for Shaft Lean at address and what is key also at impact. The Shaft Lean Alignment Aid can go on your Irons, Woods and Wedges; it can also go on your Putter. Putting is often a forgotten part of the game, and this aid takes the guess work out of the putting. As a PGA Teaching Professional, the functionality of the Shaft Lean Alignment Aid is so simple to use. It is easy to install and is USGA Approved unlike most teaching aids. You play with it you practice with it on your club all the time and is easy reminder of what your address position will be every time.
Alex Brickley
PGA Teaching Professional
I personally tried the Straightline and as a golfer instructor I feel that it’s a great advantage to lowering a golfer’s score. It aligns the club to duplicate the same setup each time, this achieves the perfect swing. I feel that this is the future of golf and highly recommend this for your set of clubs to help lower your handicap!!
Kelley Peregoy
President of Kelken Enterprises
This Shaft Lean, visual break-through, is a game-changing advantage that every student can benefit from.
Rick Timm
PGA Life-Mem
40-year teaching professionaler
Looking down the club with the 3 lines definitely helps to line up and consistently gets you back in the correct position.
Chris (Blacky)
PGA Teaching Pro
Game Changer! Never doubt your alignment again!
Sean K
PGA Teaching Pro
Consistent Set-up Alignment Aid shows promise in the realm of golf training aids being easily understood and useable by any class of golfer.
Lake B
Golf Teaching Pro
Great way to build consistency in the set-up. Great Idea!
Nathan Kust
Golf Teaching Pro
I've been teaching golf for over 20 years. The Shaft Lean Alignment Aid is one of the easiest ways to understand the importance of forward shaft lean at impact. This is a great training aid for beginners and intermediate golfers to improve ball first contact and work on improving their game. It's simple and effective
Bernard Sheridan
Host of Breaking Par podcast and
full-time golf coach in Naples Fl


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