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Shaft Lean Alignment System 4 Sets of 4 Pack Combo for 4 Clubs DECALS Part Sets of Decals

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The patented Shaft Lean Alignment System (SLAS) by Straightline Golf LLC is a golf swing training aid (alignment system) that empowers golfers of all ages to have the correct and consistent setup at address. This unique training aid allows you to preset your favored shaft lean angle for every club and square your clubface at address. Our Shaft Lean Alignment System benefits you by setting up consistently with confidence, which helps with lag angle and stimulates muscle memory for great repeatable shots.

This visual aid alignment system fits all golf clubs and consists of decals attached to your club shaft which is “Permitted Under the Rules of Golf”. You can use it to practice or play in an official golf game. It improves your Putting Performance and is also great for Golf Swing Training to get more distance and backspin with your drivers and irons. Bottom line, it takes the guesswork out of setup at address and makes your golf game less frustrating and more satisfying.

Bonus: Buy one set and get a part set including a Shaft Lean Decal (A), Preferred Angle Decal (B), and Club Face Decal (D) for free that can be used on another club.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – The Shaft Lean Alignment System by Straighline Golf LLC is visual alignment training aid that consists out of 4 decals that can be attached to any golf club (See additions photos):

  1. Shaft Lean Decal (A) shows the degrees of shaft lean (Forward, Neutral, or Backward).
  2. Preferred Angle Decal (B) shows your preferred shaft lean angle selected for every club.
  3. Shaft Center Decal (C) shows the neutral loft position.
  4. Club Face Decal (D) shows the club face alignment angle (Open Face, Square to Impact, or Closed Face)

The Club Face Decal (D) can be placed in two different locations:

  • It can be placed at the head of the club hosel, the head of the club.
  • Alternatively, it can be place at the end of the grip. This allows a player to view the position of their club face alignment if a player has a problem seeing the Club Face at address. For example, with a driver.

With this new setup at address 3 in 1 training aid, you can choose 3 different Alignment options:

  1. Degrees of shaft Lean using Preferred Angle Decal (B)
  2. Neutral loft position using Shaft Center Decal (C)
  3. An open/closed face alignment at impact using Club Face Decal (D)

You can use it as a single aid or cut it into 3 sections and use each section on different clubs as desired (see additional photos).

USED BY PGA TEACHING PROFESSIONALS – This Multi-Purpose Golf Swing Training Aid allows a player to see different degrees of shaft lean on the club and the correct club face alignment to compress the ball at impact. It’s great for teaching and practicing Drive, Approach, Chipping, Putting, and other golf shots. Helps prevent flipping of the wrist, control your hook, slice, and fat shots. Shows neutral loft position for drivers, providing height and longer distance drives.

EASY TO BE USED BY ALL AGES – This aid stays on your club year-round. It can be used when practicing or playing in a legal game. Helps with consistent setup and can be used as a quick viewing alignment aid for forward shaft lean when needed. It improves your swing plane, clubface alignment and follow through.

MADE IN THE U.S.A. – The Shaft Lean Alignment System by Straighline Golf LLC is made of high-quality U.V. protected material and is waterproof. Great visible colors and made for left or right -handed players.

ABOUT STRAIGHLINE GOLF LLC – Straightline Golf LLC is a locally owned and operated small business in Lancaster, OH that helps golf players to advance their golf skill level and lower their handicap. We focus on creating high-quality innovative aids for golfers of all ages that make it easier for them to master the game of golf. At Straightline Golf LLC customer satisfaction is paramount to us and we highly value your opinion, comments, or suggestions about our products.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – This golf swing training aid is for improving distance and accuracy and will allow you to set your preferred forward shaft lean on your shaft. It will allow you to view different degrees of shaft lean to help you setup correctly with the club and ball position at address. It also has a neutral loft position when needed. It has an open/closed faced position. With this aid you will be able to see the correct angle needed to strike down on the ball with your irons when chipping and compress the ball at impact to give you distance and back spin on the ball to control roll when it hits the green. This aid will help you get height and distance with your driver while controlling your square to face alignment with the ball. Great for putting by allowing you to follow through on your stroke and controlling your roll direction.


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